Dior J'ADIOR Flap Bag In Dark Blue Canyon Grained Lambskin

Dior J'ADIOR Flap Bag In Dark Blue Canyon Grained Lambskin

Dior Large

Dior Large "Lady Dior" supple bag in black calfskin leather

Dior J'ADIOR Flap Bag In White Canyon Grained Lambskin

Flap bag with slot handclasp in white Canyon grained lambskin, "J'ADIOR" signature and mosaic in turquoise, white howlite and onyx stone resin. Detachable drawstring chain in aged silver-tone metal.
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DR M9000V jadior - whitte


  • Designer: Dior
  • "J'ADIOR" flap bag with chain in Canyon grained lambskin
  • "J'ADIOR" signature and mosaic in turquoise, white howlite and onyx stone resin
  • Detachable drawstring chain
  • Jewellery in aged silver-tone metal
  • Carried in the hand, on the shoulder or across the body
  • Dimensions: 25 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Genuine imported lambskin leather.

Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.

What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive. 

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Nov ,12 2019
I was blown away by this quality! It’s unbelievable how similar it is. I ordered it in 100% full craftsmanship and it took me long enough to receive it (+15 days!!!) but it is worth to WAIT and it WORTH the MONEY! - Rachel_Chris
Olga Rahman
Nov ,07 2019
Just received my Hina bag, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I was so nervous about sending this big money, and finally decided to give a try after read through so many positive reviews. It’s worth the money and you have my trust from now on! Thanks - Olga Rahman
Oct ,29 2019
I’m impressed with the quality, they are so real! Thanks for the PSP to ease my worries and I got them in 6 days after PSP. They look so much beautiful than in pictures. I’m so glad with my purchased. One more thing, the feel of touching it is so nice, the GG marmont is soft with nice leather smell, just like authentic! - Tanya.88
Oct ,25 2019
Love your merchandise and always in great quality guarantee! - Bianca
Oct ,23 2019
Love it so much! Thanks again! - Cordova
Oct ,23 2019
I’m so happy to find your site again. Your quality is guaranteed and so good all the time. I’m your loyal customer forever! Thanks - Cordova
Oct ,18 2019
As I said ...devo I spent so much on the auth one years ago, couldn't be happier with this bag! Can't wait for the vachetta to oxidise a bit so it doesn't look so brand new. I will be using this for work mainly and I don't baby my bags so excited to see how it puts up with my lifestyle compared to my Auth. - Eddie
Oct ,15 2019
Just received my order,everything looks great,very fast delivery!! So happy! - Jayla Akhmedova
Huyen w
Oct ,09 2019
Received the package. Really Nice! Absolutely love it. - Huyen w
Oct ,02 2019
It is stunning! The bag itself tell everything- the quality, leather, handcrafted works, canvas material and hardware! Barely to tell the difference! I’m so satisfied with this bag! Thank you so much. - Cheryl

Items 6 to 10 of 250 total


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